Unbelievably fascinating!

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Freya, our very own Great Sister of the Muses, this reads like the mission statement of the Ariadne Archives.

Behold the work which once thou didst impose,

Great sister of the Muses' glorious star,

Of female worth, who didst at first disclose

Unto our times, what noble powers there are

In women's hearts, and sent example far

To call up others to like studious thoughts.

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I am glad you fell in love with language - I am in love with your use of it! It feels like feathers on skin, the loveliest brushing. And this: “ Anything else—particularly anything verging on the personal—could ruin a woman’s reputation and lead to her downfall publicly and socially. It was a fine needle to thread.” I am glad you are rectifying the anonymity. So much has been buried, and I still feel this threat in my cells. Your excavations give me courage to keep digging, bringing feminine voices to the light ❤️‍🔥

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I had no clue such a woman existed! She looks like the long lost sister of Shakespeare that Virginia Woolf invented in her analysis of women and fiction - finally declaring that even if such ambitious creature existed,she would be lost to time. You proved her point wrong!

I love love love this piece! Amazing work Freya, such keen observations and findings! Also the swan and their spiritual significance in mythology is a topic in itself. In Hindu mythology they are companions of Goddess Saraswati. The goddess of knowledge, art amd music - now that can’t be coincidence right?!

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I spent a lot of time on the banks of the Flathead River near Dixon, MT, this past spring. Swans were always there and I loved seeing them. This past weekend I drove up to see the river now at high water, which was impressive ... but, sadly, no swans.

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very impressive :)

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